Residential Prevention

Fish Ponds

The fish pond or what I call "man-made mosquito heaven" can be an excellent mosquito breeding ground if not properly maintained. In order to make your pond an unsuitable mosquito habitat be sure that it either stocked with fish or has a sizable fountain that constantly disturbs the water's surface. Take away the fish and fountain and these ponds will breed more than enough mosquitoes for you and your neighbors.


Buckets can be a fantastic habitat for mosquito breeding. They come in many shapes and sizes and are used for many different things, but they all can be great at breeding mosquitoes if not emptied regularly.


The wheelbarrow is another item around the home that is often allowed to collect rainwater and becomes a favorable habitat for mosquitoes. Remember to store a wheelbarrow in such a way that it will not collect rainwater and you'll remove another favored habitat of our uninvited guest, the mosquito.

Bird Baths

The birdbath is another area in the yard that can be hatching mosquitoes regularly. It should be flushed and filled with fresh water at least once a week.

Pet Dishes

Fluffy's food or water dish could be doing more than just feeding the family pet. Pet dishes are another item in the yard that will readily collect rainwater and soon thereafter begin to breed mosquitoes. Be sure to flush them at least once a week or if not in use turn them upside down.


Discarded tires make fantastic habitats for mosquitoes. Certain species such as the Asian Tiger Mosquito will readily breed in tires. Just a single old tire could be hatching more than enough to fill your yard with these dangerous pests. Tires should be properly disposed of or stored in such a way that they cannot collect rainwater, for example, drill holes in them or keep the tires undercover at all

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are an often overlooked but very favorable habitat for mosquitoes to breed in. The debris in the gutter allows rainwater to pool and begin to attract mosquito activity. Gutters should be regularly inspected to be sure they are functioning properly.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor kid's toys can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes if not checked often. Whether it's the jungle gym or the sandbox some of these toys can collect rainwater in enough amounts to breed mosquitoes. Check to see if any of these toys in your backyard could be holding rainwater, if so check often for mosquito activity and flush as necessary.

Swimming Pools

The abandoned or not properly maintained swimming pool can be a great habitat for mosquitoes. Because of the amount of mosquitoes they can potentially breed the abandoned pool can be a definite public health hazard. A pool that is no longer in use should be dismantled, drained, or kept covered to keep it from collecting rainwater. A pool that is in use should have the proper chemicals added and if it's a kiddie pool it should be flushed weekly.

Low-Lying Areas

Standing water can be a big problem for some homes, especially in low lying areas. However keep in mind that it has to stay around long enough (usually more than 3 days) for it to become a severe mosquito problem. If it does persist long enough and you cant fill in or do away with these areas you may want to consider the purchase of some home use mosquito larvicide. You'll find more info on home use larvicide in the section titled "protecting yourself and your family".

Miscellaneous Trash

And last but not least miscellaneous cans, bottles, tarps, jars, pots, pans, boxes, trash cans, all can breed mosquitoes in your own backyard. Just remember if it can hold rainwater then it can breed mosquitoes. Check for any of these things in your yard and serve your uninvited guest the mosquito an eviction notice today.